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PostSubject: Pet description   Pet description Icon_minitimeThu Oct 23, 2008 2:00 am

Hello, this is GIS Team

We initially released our Pet system last week. Other pets are also set to be release on the 23rd of October. You can now enjoy playing Gunbound and watch your pet improved their stats with every game. As your pet grows with you, so does their abilities. Special skills are set to be release soon. Now your pet will be able to join you in your everyday battle for glory and prestige in Planet Lond!!

Oct. 23rd. We will sell Pet food to protect your pet from hunger.
You can check your pet fullness in avatar shop.

If your pet has not any fullness, it will show like below 0%
Pet description 1%5B49%5D
1) If your pet show 0.0%...

1. Could not put on Sad
2. Could not grow up T^T

2) How to protect your pet from hunger
1. Purchase Pet snack or food (Only 30EA)
Pet description 2%5B28%5D
2. Double click your pet that has 0.0%
Pet description 3%5B21%5D
3. Double click snack or food
snack -> 2% up
food -> 4% up
Pet description 4%5B4%5D
Pet description 5%5B3%5D
*Be careful: Food count will decreased if you click again and again
even though pet has 100% fullness

3) Other feature of pet
1. When your pet grow up, pet stat will be increased
2. Your pet give special skill to your weapon (depending on rate, it will be happened)
-> coming soon
3. Depending on pet level, pet action is different
-> coming soon
3. New kinds of pet will add
-> Cactus, Sport Car(lol), legend of hero, White lipped python, Albino Milk Snake, Ferret etc

Your Sincerely,
Softnyx Co., Ltd I love you
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Pet description
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